Over The Line

While what behind the curtain, in an examination room, is quite a thing you’d probably hear from a female doctor. This is the side to it, from a male doctor’s perspective. #sexualharassment #maledoctors

Behind the White Coat


A few posts ago I asked if male physicians ever had the sameuncomfortable moments with their patients as I experience with mine.

Here are a few stories I received from the male side of things but not all of them involve patients…

“Once I did surgery on a local high school football coach. The procedure went well and I was writing the note outside the room. As the patient was leaving, he smacked me on the rear like I had scored the winning touchdown. I believe it was the highest compliment he could have given but I would rather he had not done it.”

“Some older female patients say things about me being handsome and dating their daughters or something like that but nothing too bad. Also some female patients say things like, ‘After having three kids I am not shy.’ Then they toss their gown off and…

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