A Little bit Smart ass-y!

Recess. One of the most important time frames at the university. This is basically the time, when you sit around, letting the aroma of home cooked snack wafting through the class make you forget about all about dietetics and Alzheimer’s. The blood from my brain gushes all to my stomach as I tuck into my tiffin like nobody’s business.

That’s when one of my classmates comes up to me. Standing there, she takes a bite of my snack (my heart is pounding at the very thought that I’m going to be having one less a bite of the lip-smacking burrito my mum’s given me). Dusting the crumbs off, she gives me a blatant look and says, “Rushel, even my arms are thinner than your thighs.” Whoosh! Somebody just dropped the S-bomb! My hand freezes midway with the burrito ready to being gobbled down. Instantly, I compose myself and say, “Umhh. Okay.” (My mind’s already cursing her)

I come home, and immediately rush to the mirror. Lifting up t-shirt slightly, I look at myself. It’s called “analysis” apparently. Flat stomach otherwise, but beginning to have a little bit of the burger bulge. Well, I can deal with that. What catches my attention next though, are my thighs and my arms. “Gosh! I’m becoming the Hulk!” I begin to bawl my imaginary weight stresses.

You know that period, when you cry, and then get better. Actually its mostly not really better, it’s just that, you get over it. Temporarily. I grab my lunch, and click to watching The Ellen Show. Its Amy Schumer today. Tagged one of the funniest ladies around town, the crowd jumps off their seats, hooting as she walks in! My mind’s slowly getting out of my world shattering apparent weight issues! Yay!

The interview starts and when Ellen asks Amy why she doesn’t move to LA, being the hilarious version of herself, she says, “You know, I just don’t fit in. Like, straight off body type. You know, here, my arms register as legs… that sort off!” and that, gets the crowd to hit one thundering round of applause! There you go, slender legs, and beach bod! HA!

The interview moves on as Amy continues to regale the audience and Ellen with her wise cracks and jokes. But what you really take out of it is that most of her jokes, surround, her. Yes, she cracks those funny one liners about herself. And it seemingly gets an even bigger round of applause every time. That’s when I realized the trick. Or rather a life lesson.

You could be one of those, who crack a joke on others. Well, even that’s fine at times. Harmless fun if it is. Or you could be one of those on whom the jokes are cracked and really take it to the heart and won’t come out of it. OR, you could be one of those, who let’s themselves, at times, be the reason for a harmless joke, or even better, have the guts to crack a joke about themselves.

Trying to make a fool out of others is easy. Some may even think it’s alright. But being able to laugh at yourself, without having to degrade yourself in anyway, that’s gutsy. That’s what portrays the real meaning of self confidence. That’s the funniest but overwhelmingly a trickiest thing to master. Being able to let others have good hearty laugh on something, without letting it affect you or your morale.

I remember an advertisement, which once, depicted about how a model, tripped cause of her heels and fell down on the ramp during a really prestigious fashion event. While there was a collective “OH!” that ran throughout the crowd as she fell, she covered her face with her hands. People thought that she broke down. But when she moved her hands away from her face, there she was, laughing! And as she picked up her heels in her hands, she clapped for herself and continued to smile for the cameras, and letting that confidence show through as she sashayed across the ramp.

And that’s when it hit me. You aren’t a thing of what people say to you, until you begin to believe in it yourself. Sometimes, being able to laugh at your own self brings out the confidence in you. Well, people will continue to talk (isn’t that such a human tendency?) it’s what you give them to talk about that makes the difference.

The ‘Science of Sexy’ as they call it states, one of the five things that make an individual insanely attractive is self humor. (This is a clear sign that I’m not reading anything relating to my study course right now. And that I need to get a life!) And while this part of the write up is the only thing that got your attention, here’s the thing. It takes time. Effort. A tiny bit of self help, and oodles of hope. But I’m getting there. In sometime. Forget trying to relate yourself to famous people, who have this knack of bringing some sunshine to the room. Think about those hilarious people around you. Those are capable to bringing a smirk to your face, with a witty comment, even if it involves them.

As I take it, “The world is going to be stupid. And harsh. And mean at times. Don’t go with the flow. Just sit back and enjoy the show!”  And for once, I desperately urge you to believe You have so much more to offer to the world than just a perfect body and a few external here and there’s. Or in my words become your own version of Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner (no harsh feelings. I love them both. Their outfits too!)

So speak your mind, spit out those witty comebacks, wear that dress and walk around like you own, laugh a little. Give ‘em a lil somethin’ to talk about. Wreck a tiny havoc. After all, there must be a reason why they call you the smarty pants eh?

(Sorry, my recess and self empowerment reverie is done and dusted. I gobble up the rest of the burrito while my classmate gives me a pointed look. And all I say is, “its okay, if my legs really are a fat machine. Or that I my actual size is M, but I still wear a XL sized T-shirt to not draw even an eyeball towards myself. Or if I look like an overfed, deep fried Kentucky chicken. But let’s take a moment to thank God for Levis,. At least they make jeans for this size too. AND CALL IT THE CURVE ID!” TADAAAAAA! Can almost hear Jimmy Fallon’s orchestra’s trademark drum roll!)